Mount Bisbino & Cernobbio

Mount Bisbino

The top of Mount Bisbino is reached by a road (asphalted) that leads from Cernobbio, on Lake Como and after passing through the villages of Rovenna and Madrona. The road that leads to the property has wonderful viewpoints and was built during the period of the First World War. The shelters in the area, in fact, are former military barracks, used in the past mainly by the "Guardia di Finanza" to combat smuggling. Among the most popular of these shelters is the refuge of Bugone, not far from Ca 'Bossi. From this area you can see other mountains near and far, the Legnone, the Grigne, the Bernina, the Monte Rosa.


The town of Cernobbio was born in the twelfth century by the grouping of a few houses that was later expanded with the birth of the silk factory Bernasconi. During World War II this limited area hosted leaders of the Reich and the fascist regime in a "protected zone". Subsequently Cernobbio, in the golden years became a popular Italian tourist destination famous all over the world. Villa D'Este, a luxury hotel and a meeting place for the international political scene, on the shores of the Lake. While Villa Erba, a place associated with the film director Luchino Visconti, with its large park is home to the "week of elegance".


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